Simply SamiaAn accomplished expert in the real estate industry

Samia stands out for her compassion, her authenticity, her undeniable listening skills and the breadth of her network of contacts. The quality of her work, the perseverance and the attention to detail of her follow-ups make Samia an experienced expert in the real estate field.

This is why it was ranked for the 13th consecutive year as the number one real estate agent for offices in Via Capitale du Mont-Royal in 2020.
A well-deserved pride

Trust : the key word for success

Selling or buying a home is a thrilling process and Samia is very aware of it. Know that the client trusts her from the outset and relies on her for a transaction.

Samia has the art of building strong relationships and the perfect touch to quickly establish sincere relationships. A unique and sought-after trait of our real estate broker.

Her many years of experience, the fact that she is the eldest of a large family and also the mother of 4 children, all this has certainly contributed to shaping her, to making her the person and the professional she is; a woman who cannot help but take care of her clients, anticipate their needs, listen to them and reassure them. And this trust, the trust that it grows between the client and herself, is the key to her success.

Samia Ouertani Courtier Immobilier Plateau Mont-Royal

A question of passion and know-how

Staying in equilibrium, waltzing between the pitfalls and constraints inherent in selling or buying real estate, the need to be constantly on the lookout, that's what makes Samia vibrate. She is passionate, she doesn't keep count of the hours, she knows how to sail in rough waters, adapt to all situations and she aspires to diversity on a daily basis. On the long road to a transaction, a certain complicity always emerges between the client and her. And from that moment on, her work takes on a whole new dimension. In short, it is for all these little details that Samia loves her profession as a real estate broker.

Managing a portfolio; an important responsibility

We would never have the idea of entrusting our portfolio to a complete stranger right away! Yet that's what Samia's clients do on a daily basis. Such a strong vote of confidence brings with it important responsibilities and that is the reason why she knows how to manage their portfolio wisely, rigorously and with a vision for the future, as if it were in her own interests. In business, Samia acts diligently. To the very end, she demonstrates exemplary professionalism and stands out for the accuracy of her evaluations. Samia is a woman of action and she goes to the completion of the work entrusted to her, without ever surrendering. And to obtain a more than perfect formula, it is necessary to add to all this a dose of mutual responsibility: the client has the duty to choose his agent wisely and the latter, in exchange, must fully satisfy him and meet his expectations in all respects.

Via la Capitale du Mont-Royal et Samia… une histoire de cœur!

Life is punctuated by defining encounters and sometimes, at the turn of a darker moment, chance smiles at us and a simple person can make all the difference. As for Samia, this pivotal person, the one who believed in her and opened the doors of the great Via Capitale du Mont-Royal family to her, is the owner and manager of the branch: Nathalie Clément. She was able to see in Samia what was invisible to the eye and her vision has led her to the success she is enjoying today. Her gratitude to this exceptional woman is unfathomable. And, because Samia is a woman of heart, she remains loyal to her first banner.

The Real Estate Market in Montreal

Montréal is a gateway for many families, investors and visionaries who wish to settle here, not only to enjoy an exceptional quality of life, but also to contribute, through their actions, to the city's international reputation. At the moment, businesses are booming and global economic austerity seems to have forgotten this part of the country. Samia believes that investing in Montreal real estate remains a wise choice, an added value and the best long-term commitment.

Because the profession is changing........ The Mandatory continuing education program (MCEP)

We must ensure that we remain competitive, that we have confidence in our skills and knowledge in order to inspire confidence and, in this way, to better play our role with our customers.
In order to always adequately meet the needs of our customers, Maintain and develop the competence of each of the brokers, as well as increase public credibility and trust. Each training course is provided by either the OACIQ or organizations accredited by the OACIQ but always paid for by the broker.
In force since May 1, 2015 for a first two-year cycle, the Mandatory Continuing Education Program (MCEP)
The first two-year cycle 2015 - 2017 has been completed. I got 23 CEUs,

The second two-year cycle 2017-2019 ended on April 30, 2019, I obtained 29 CEUs

The third cycle of two years 2019- 2021, I completed it in March having obtained 45 PDUs
The real estate market has taken off, I had to be better armed thanks to the training

Our only obligation, by April 30, 2021, is to obtain a minimum of 8 Mandatory Continuing Education Units (CEUs), 4 of which are imposed by the OACIQ in fundamental content and at least 10 other CEUs of your choice in programs authorized by the OACIQ

Note: CEU stands for Continuing Education Unit

Thank you for your confidence

Because the profession is changing........ Use of 3D virtual reality

Discover the latest PRO 3D technology for my listings to provide you with high quality, comprehensive, real-time 3D virtual content
a) Optimize my clients' time
b) Communicate the link of the property chosen by my clients for viewing at home quietly
c) Immerse my clients (buyers or sellers) in the most realistic visit of a 3D real estate property. Emotions are guaranteed.
Emotions garanties.
Note :
Pour la propriété sélectionnée vous voyez en dessous de description 3 ou 4 onglets selon l'exitence ou non de la visite virtuelle