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On the Plateau and everywhere else since 2001

You want to invest in France but you are not there? I am here to support you in this process. I have had the pleasure of welcoming many newcomers by offering them a personalized service from beginning to end.

On the Plateau and everywhere else since 2001, even internationally, I will be happy to put my experiences to good use to satisfy you and bring your projects to a successful conclusion

somalina More than its 20 years of experience specialized in French Property, more than its extensive international network and its privileged relationship with the French Government, more than any other factor, it is the Associates and Partners who make up the IFL team that constitute IFL's greatest asset.

Composed of a group of experts, each focused on a specific area, the team works together across France and all over the world.

The success of the company is rooted in the total commitment of this team which has gained the absolute trust of its clients. Values of our company are respect, integrity and solidarity.

Formerly a Price Analyst for the international group SGS, Somalina studied in Paris and in the United States. She established the original IFL structure in Dublin in 1999. After years spent in Kenya, Ireland and Venezuela, she is now based between Paris & Hong Kong. With a very high sense of service, she never has the feeling to work as she is passionate.

« Developing partnerships all over the world and having the luck to work everywhere is a truly exciting experience on the cultural and human aspects, each acquisition project is a challenge, each new property found, a rewarding achievement. I am very grateful with life, having the great sensation to always be at the right place, at the right moment with the right person »

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Alexandre MAHIA I would like to introduce my son-in-law Alexandre MAHIA who was inspired by his mother-in-law Samia OUERTANI for 18 years in the real estate industry in Montreal. Alexandre, a trained land surveyor, can also advise you in this field

Alexandre Mahia, real estate agent within the largest brand in France, IAD, offers you his personalized services to support you in your project of sale, purchase, rental and management.

Thanks to my good interpersonal skills, I am always looking for new agents to recruit and train in order to expand my team in Paris and its surrounding regions to meet your requests. I also surround myself with the best professionals to meet all your expectations.

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International Vendu

APPARTEMENT de 82 m² - Avenue de l’Opera, PARIS


Superbe manoir de 500 m2 - Région de Caen

International Vendu

Hôtel Restaurant *** Normandie




Maison à vendre - Ile du Levant (83 400)

International Vendu

La Petite Gabrielle

International Vendu

Appartement 45 rue Blanche à Paris