As part of the sustainable development approach, let us be eco-responsible or eco-citizen to reduce our ecological footprint.

One tonne of paper represents 1 to 2 tonnes of wood and requires between 5 and 15 m3 of water and some 80 kg of chlorine gas to bleach the paper.

Measures for the environment

I continue my approach by now using for the signature of my documents the AUTHENTISIGN system for the electronic signature called e-signature

This electronic signature process of the firm Instanet Solutions is accredited by the OACIQ.

Accredited signatures
The OACIQ has developed a rigorous accreditation program for firms offering their electronic signature solution. Their use by the broker guarantees the validity of the process used, as well as the protection of the parties to the transaction.

The use of an accredited solution allows:

  • that the signature electronically affixed to a document is considered valid;
  • that the personal information of the parties to a transaction is protected;
  • the broker can retrieve certain data from the service provider;
  • that the OACIQ can intervene in the event of a problem, having an agreement with the supplier.

Here is the list of solutions accredited by the OACIQ to date:

  • e-Z-Sign, from the firm e-Z-max
  • Authentisign®, from Instanet Solutions
  • NexOne Sign, from Nexone Corporation