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1 - A meeting with you
  • Samia and you both agree on the price that well-targeted buyers could pay today for a property like yours.
  • I commit in writing to take all the steps we will take to sell your property.
2 - Professional reviews of all relevant documents
  • mortgage deed
  • co-ownership declaration
  • certificate of location
  • administrators' contact details
  • previous deed of sale
  • financial statements
  • easements
  • insurances
  • school tax account
  • heating bills
  • Municipal tax account
  • renovation invoices
  • leases and tenant contact information
  • service agreement
3 - Enhancing your property
  • measurement of rooms
  • benefits of your home
  • photo shoot
  • 3D Virtual Reality
  • tips 'Homestaging'
  • description of possible new developments for a buyer
  • return calculation
  • long-term projections
  • etc
4 - Registering your property on the MLS Network
  • writing an exhaustive description based on the points that are important to our targeted buyers
  • drafting and signing of the brokerage contract as well as the seller's declaration ((see legal forms on my website))
5 - Immediate broadcast of your property
  • social media
6 - More buyers for a better price
  • collaboration with all brokers from the other agencies
  • fair distribution of remuneration
  • coordination of visits and making appointments with you organization of a caravan of brokers
  • organization of an open house
7 - Even more buyers
  • conception and distribution of marketing materials
  • display of your property in our store windows
8 - Negotiation of the promise to purchase
  • protection of your interests
  • buyer's qualification
  • drafting documents
  • coordination of condition waivers with the various specialists
  • send the titles to the notary
  • drafting of the documents promise to purchase (seller part), counter proposal, modification,...(see legal forms on my website)
9 - Personalized service: Rigorous follow-up
  • quick call return
  • Distribution of visit reports
  • clear and straightforward explanations
  • respect of your decisions
  • management of tenant relations
  • presence at the notary's office
10 - A real after-sales service
  • Well after that, we will still be there for any information or real estate assistance you may need.
Samia Ouertani Courtier Immobilier Plateau Mont-Royal